Book with us!

You are welcome to book dinner with us and sit either at a table, or at the bar. It is the same menu for both options.

We have two sittings. The early sitting is at 17.30, or 18. The late sitting is at 20.30 or 21. Tables are reserved for 2.5 hours, and regretably we are not able to extend this.

Menu options: we offer 3 different menu options, and all consist of 8 different plates. A few snacks, small and medium plates, and a dessert.

The vegetarian menu will contain eggs, butter and milk. If you do not eat these products please notify us.

The pescetarian menu substitutes one or two of the vegetarian dishes with fish or shellfish. There is not a fish dish for the main.

The mixed menu contains a mix of the vegetarian and fish menus, and contains meat. Note that generally the mixed menu contains one meat dish.

Vegan option: We are not a vegan restaurant, but we are happy to cater for vegans. However, we require 24 hours notice. The vegan menu costs 525SEK. Note! We cook with mushrooms.


We understand if you need to cancel, but kindly request that you give us 24 hours notice. It is easily done through your confirmation email, or by phoning us and leaving a voicemail or emailing us directly. To minimise food waste, we cook based on the number of bookings we have that day.

The person who makes the booking is in charge, and will receive a bill of 550 SEK per person booked if the cancellation is not received with 24 hours notice.

Waiting List

If you are not able to find a table you are able to place yourself on a waiting list. You can either put your name on a waiting list for a table or the bar, regretably if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for both, you must do this manually.

Also! if you are close by, give us a try! You never know, and we always try to accommodate where possible!